About Imuka

We live in a digital world. Data and technology are changing and influencing the services and procedures of businesses and institutions to an ever-increasing degree. The internet, cloud computing, and smartphones have become indispensable to our daily lives.

Yet, this development is not occurring as rapidly in the world of orthopedic care. While digitization is well underway, the use of innovative technology and data in the care process lags behind. We are convinced, though, that technology and data can make a major contribution to optimizing orthopedic care, with equal consideration given to the needs of clients and care providers, society at large, and the earth itself.

As a knowledge platform, Imuka is therefore committed to improving, revitalizing, and innovating the care of hip and knee osteoarthritis. We consider the deployment of data and innovative technology to be the basis for optimizing care processes and outcomes: shaping the future of hip and knee osteoarthritis.